How to lose weight without exercise and diet control?

How to lose weight?

How to lose weight without exercise and diet control? Isn’t this the question you have been badly looking for an answer to? Very much likely if you have reached here searching for the answer. At the outset let me assure you that you are neither on a page that would use such a title just to get the readers on their website, nor on some website that’s simply interested in selling you their product. Though you will have to be equally patient for the answer. Now I can tell you confidently that yes, there is a way you can lose weight, even if you are too lazy to exercise and not too motivated to cut on your diet. I can say so confidently now, because I have been working on this for myself over last one month. I did not notice any change in weight in first 2 weeks but then came the pleasant surprise. Checked it today and I have lost 4 kgs from baseline. Did I exercise? No. Did I starve? No. Did I consume any medicine for weight loss or did I buy any product? No.

How easy is it to lose weight?

Now I am sure you would like to know how did I lose weight? Before you read further, let me tell you one thing that you have to sacrifice on. You can not lose weight if want to continue eating sweets. Yes you have to completely give up sweets made of sugar. Though you may sometimes have desserts made of sugar substitutes. I am not going to give you some diet chart, you are supposed to make your own diet plan. I don’t have a magic wand that would shed off that extra fat, you have to make your own. My objective is to make you learn a few basics of human metabolism, the energy balance in your own body and having learnt it, you would yourselves find out the secret that you might have been looking for. Now do not get disheartened. You are going to lose weight without any workout plan and any need to starve. But you need to earn it. Earn it simply by reading and trying to learn.

Am I overweight? Do I need to lose weight?

There are several ways you can find it out. But let me tell you the simplest method. Subtract 100 from your height in cms and that’s the ideal weight you should have (Broca’s Index). If you weigh more than that it’s better that you shed off those extra kgs. If your height is 170 cms, you should ideally weigh less than 70 kgs. Great if your weight is within the target, now think about central obesity. You may well have normal weight with a tummy. That is equally bad. Again a simple test for that. Your ideal waist size should be less than half of your height (Index of Central Obesity). So if you are 5 feet 10 inches (70 inches), your waist size should be less than 35 inches.

Are you motivated to lose weight?

First thing first. How motivated are you for losing weight? I am a doctor myself and was never motivated enough to care for my weight. Repeated advisories from family, friends did not work. I went for a routine health check up and found out that my cholesterol and liver enzymes were on higher side. That was the trigger for me. In your case it might be different. May be you are highly motivated but have failed repeatedly. May be you are too young and conscious about your looks. May be you are health conscious. If not find out a solid reason for losing weight. Till the time you are not serious about it, you won’t lose weight. There are a number of ways you can read about the ill effects of obesity on your health. Try to google and read about it. Obesity causes diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, increases risk of diseases like heart attack, paralysis and if that all doesnt scare you it also causes impotence. By losing 1 kg of weight you can prolong your life by one year.

With this article I am sure you have figured out whether you need to lose weight or not? You might well have a strong reason to lose weight already. If not find out one and mention in comments. In next article I will simply talk about human physiology to explain you how the diet we consume is utilized by body? What are different components of our diet? What are their different roles? With those basics you would find out easily how we can play with our diet and lose weight easily. Subscribe to the blog so that you get notified via email. You may well follow me on the social sites to be in touch. Keep it interactive. Your comments would motivate me to write further.