Diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to various complications as described in the article Complications of Diabetes. All these complications are easily preventable by regular follow up at a specialized center. At Diabecity we realize the cost involved in treatment of a diabetic patient. We provide a number of tests for early diagnosis of such complications free of cost to our regular patients.Resume editing service Additionally there are some special tests which are available at a very reasonable cost to our patients.



Biothesiometry is screening test to look for early signs of diabetic neuropathy. A probe with vibrator is put at various points on patients soles. Vibration Perception Threshold (the strength of vibrations needed to be perceived by patient) are recorded for various points on the soles. The biothesiometry report gives the treating doctor a fair idea about extent of diabetic neuropathy. This test is conducted free of cost for our regular patients.


Ankle Brachial Index

Ankle Brachial Index is calculated by measuring blood pressure in the upper and lower limbs and taking their ratio. It gives a fair idea about the blood flow in the lower limbs. Peripheral Vascular Disease (reduced blood flow in the lower limb arteries) is very common in diabetic patients and can lead to gangrene if not treated on time. At Diabecity Ankle Brachial Index is calculated using a handheld vascular doppler for all regular patients on yearly basis free of cost.


Fundus Examination

Diabetic patients are at risk of Diabetic Retinopathy which often doesn’t present with any symptoms until it has progressed. Diabetic patients should regularly get the fundus examined at least once a year. Although its just a screening tool and early changes might be missed by fundoscopy, all our regular patients are offered a free fundus examination once every year.


App Based Electrocardiogram

Diabetic patients are at a very high risk of coronary artery disease that leads to heart attack. Many diabetic patients do not experience any symptoms. Annual screening for coronary artery disease is advised to all diabetic patients. Though an electrocardiogram is not sufficient to rule out presence of coronary artery disease, it can often pick up undiagnosed patients. We offer free ECG through an innovative mobile app based ECG machine to all our patients on annual basis.

Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis is done using a machine that works on principal of bio impedance absorptiometry. It gives various details like Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Fat percentage, Visceral Fat Percentage, Bodyage etc. Obesity, specifically truncal obesity is often associated with diabetes and correlates very well with various complications. All diabetic patients are advised to lose weight and maintain their waist size to less than half of their height. Body fat analysis is offered free of cost to all patients and is a good tool to diagnose and monitor progress in patients of obesity.