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Why Diabecity?

Diabetes is not just high blood sugar and treatment of diabetes is not just control of blood sugars. Diabetes is the leading cause of deaths due to heart attack and is responsible for complications like stroke, kidney failure, gangrene, blindness, impotence etc. All these can be prevented by proper care under specialized doctor. At Diabecity we go beyond control of blood sugars.


There are over 60 different types of diabetes, not just type1 and type2. A thorough history and complete examination by expert is usually enough to arrive at the exact diagnosis.


Controlling blood sugar is the easiest job but using the right drugs for the job is more important. Treatment should be aimed at achieving a complication free healthy life


Diabetes is responsible for several chronic complications that can be prevented by regular monitoring. At Diabecity such screening tests are done free of cost for regular patients.


A diabetic patient must be educated about several things like diabetic diet, exercise, self monitoring of blood glucose, foot care, insulin injection technique, sick day schedule etc.

Specialized Services

We offer a few specialized services exclusively for diabetic patients.


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring


24 Hour Ambulatory Glucose Profile for 14 days

Affordable Packages

Affordable Packages for blood tests starting at Rs 1000

Diabetes Store

Various products exclusively for diabetic patients

Speak with us

Call us on 9413639983 to know more about Diabecity or book an appointment