Affordable Packages

Diabetes is known to cause several chronic complications in long turn as described in the article on Complication of Diabetes. All these complications can be prevented by a good glycemic control and regular monitoring for early detection. Diabetic patients are advised to go through several routine tests at least on annual basis. At Diabecity we offer several affordable packages starting at less than Rs 1000 through the globally renowned Thyrocare Laboratory.

Diabetic Profile M

Includes CBC, Liver Function test, Kidney Function Test, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function Test, Iron Deficiency Profile, HbA1C and Urine for Microalbumin. The package is currently offered at Rs 800* only.

Diabetic Profile A

In addition to all the tests listed under Diabetic Profile M, Insulin, C-peptide and Pancreatic enzymes are included in this profile. This package is currently offered at Rs 1700*.

Diabetic Profile B

In this profile in addition to all tests listed under Profile A, several cardiac markers and homocysteine are also included. This profile is currently offered at Rs 2600z *.

Diabetic Profile C

In addition to all test listed under profile B, toxic element profile and vitamin profile including Vit D, Vit B12 and Folic Acid are included in this profile. This profile is offered at Rs 3500*.

* – The rates listed above are subject to change. For the latest rates kindly confirm on telephone.

In addition to Diabetic profile several other profiles offered by Thyrocare can also be opted for. We also inform our customers about several camps offering further discounts to the already discounted rates through SMS.